Dreaming away into the Night Court ☆

Night court

The Night Court

Oh, how I wish to be there. The Night court will have a special place in my heart for eternity. It welcomed me home in most of my darkest moments, and I will always return to feel a little bit more alive – just a little bit more. I’ve always had a connection to the stars and the galaxy, and when I read A court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas – I knew why. It is home, and it always will be.

If you’ve never read the A court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, please check it out! Maybe you’ll find a place there as well. If you want to watch my review of the first two books, you can watch it here.

And the Night court candle in the photos is from MerakiCandles, but she now has closed her shop (so I don’t know if you can get it anymore). The Starry top I’m wearing is from H&M – don’t know if they’ve still got it.

Night courtNight court

Excerpt from A court of Mist and Fury

“I painted stars and the moon and clouds and just endless, dark sky.” I finished the sixth, and was well on my way sawing through the seventh before I said, “I never knew why. I rarely went outside at night—usually, I was so tired from hunting that I just wanted to sleep. But I wonder … ” I pulled out the seventh and final arrow. “I wonder if some part of me knew what was waiting for me. That I would never be a gentle grower of things, or someone who burned like fire—but that I would be quiet and enduring and as faceted as the night. That I would have beauty, for those who knew where to look, and if people didn’t bother to look, but to only fear it … Then I didn’t particularly care for them, anyway. I wonder if, even in my despair and hopelessness, I was never truly alone. I wonder if I was looking for this place—looking for you all.”
― Sarah J. MaasA Court of Mist and Fury

Night court Night court



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