Prep. for Daenerys Photoshoot + Videos

Daenerys Targaryan

Daenerys Targaryan Photoshoot

In today’s post I share a couple of behind-the-scenes-photos of my Daenerys shoot! I made the Blue top and the belt myself – you can read about the progress of these two in THIS blogpost. The skirt I bought online (I thought it was toooo regular to make it myself) and the Wig I got from Alieexpress, haha. The full shoot is coming this saturday, btw. It was SO cold, but totally worth it. The sun showed up and it gave the whole photoshoot more of a Sunny (Dany) vibe!

Here are some photos of my Make-up and the process of putting my wig on (which is hell). And it wasn’t even a Full lace wig – not at all. (I really want to get one once, though).

Daenerys Targaryan Daenerys Targaryan Daenerys Targaryan Daenerys Targaryan

AND here’s a little preview for the post for this Saturday. Still with my coat on – which was definitely off during the ‘Real’ shoot. But still, same environment, same costume!

Daenerys Targaryan

The videos

And last but not least, the VLOG that came online this Monday. In this one I finish the Dress part of my Dark Queen costume and I do the Daenerys photoshoot! Loved it if you could check it out!

And Also the first ‘Design with me’ episode that went online last Thursday!

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