Costume Progress | “The Dark Queen”

Costume progress

Costume Progress Update

Hellohello! So, how am I doing so far with the Dark Queen costume? I’ll tell you in this post. You can see the Costume drawing HERE.

Different parts

The costume consists of multiple parts. I’m currently working on the ‘Dress’ part, which means that the other part – which is a bolero with a sort-of-veil isn’t in the works right now. The Bolero consists of these two fabrics down below and I can’t wait to see how they look together – especially together with the dress.

So I’m working on the dress – at the moment – and for that dress, I’m embroidering(is that even English) a lot of strokes. The strokes would initially cover the entire dress, but I’m going to skip the back-part of the dress, because the embroidery would otherwise take to much time (that I do not have). If it was a project I did at home, I would’ve probably done the entire dress, but it’s for school – and there’s a deadline.

Costume progress Costume progress Costume progress


The Embroidery I’m doing (above, and below) for my dress, is hand sewing (duh)sequins onto already put together fabric. The gauze mesh is a seperate fabric from the cotton, that I put together with a sewing machine and than locked the end of the cotton (because mesh doesn’t fray).

It is a LOT of work, but it looks exactly like I want it, plus the embroidering itself is relaxing – so it’s worth it.

Costume progress Costume progress

There’s coupe in the dress top and the Lines that you see, made with chalk, are guidelines for the strokes that I’m going to place on the dress.

Costume progress

The Inspiration and initial sketch

Down below I put a picture of the ‘raw’ initial sketch that I made of the costume. As you can see, the Bolero is inspired by Arya Stark’s top and the strokes with sequins and mesh, are inspired by smoking/burning roses. It looks sooo cool and I can already imagine what it’s going to look like as a whole.

Costume progress Costume progress

The Headdress

And of course, last but not least, the Headdress. An accessory was included in the Project for school, so I chose to make a Headdress that matches my Costume. I’m going to implement most of the fabrics I use in the Headdress as well, so that’s all going to be very exciting!

Costume progress

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