VLOG | Starting on the ‘Dark Queen’ Costume

VLOG starting Dark Queen costume

Starting on my Costume

Hello everyone! This weeks Vlog was all about starting my ‘Dark Queen’ project (see costume drawing here) and setting everything in motion. It was a very busy week and I tried to film as much as I could (and could think of). It’s still is very hard to keep reminding myself to film, but I’m starting to get into the habit of it – I think. You can follow more up-to-date things on my Instagram : @TalesandGowns

I hope you enjoy the Vlog!

Lots of Love,


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Hi! I’m Britt and I’m 19 years old. I love Books, I adore the stars and crave being creative. My dream is to travel the world & to do what I love (and preferably get paid for it). You can follow my journey of life and business right here! (info@brittofbooks.com)

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