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Dark Queen

Dark Queen

Hello Everyone! Today I’m going to show you my Dark Queen Costume concept/Costume drawing for my school project. I made this in Photoshop on the computer, with my brand new Wacom Pro tablet! It is the second thing I ever made in the computer, so I’m sorry for anything that does not seem completely right. I had a lot of fun creating this costume and perfecting it, that I cannot wait to start making it for real. That time will be soon, but for now; let me tell you a little bit about this costume.

This Dark Queen Costume concept will not stay a concept, in this case, because it is the dress I’m going to make for this period’s school project. So I will definitely keep you up-to-date with the progress of that, and of course, if it’s going to look like this Costume concept.

This costume is Based upon a Dark Queen who is not as she seems. She is a two-faced queen, the one who rules a very dark kingdom and also the one who fights for her people and wants to make a difference. It is a very mysterious and elegant queen, but people don’t know much about her. She only lets them have a glance into her soul through this costume – but only a little bit.

For my Dark Queen Moodboard go HERE

Dark Queen

The Crown

The Headdress/Crown is also going to be made. I’m SO excited to do the styling en the photoshoot for the finished product.

Dark Queen


This one is without the Crown. In my opinion, this looks very good as well. But a little less like a real queen.

Source: Burning Roses Image found HERE



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  1. 01/13/2018 / 3:53 pm

    Zo gaaf meid! Wat tof dat je dit kan, ik zou echt helemaal in de stress schieten als ik zoiets moest maken in Photoshop. Het ziet er echt heel tof uit en ik ben superbenieuwd hoe het eindresultaat zal zijn. Malou x

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