2018 Plans for my Blog & Co. + Introduction VLOG

2018 Plans

Hello Everyone!

And welcome at this new part of my life. I relaunched my blog this Monday and I am so very excited to pick this back up again. I have some really important announcement to make and I’m going to share my 2018 plans with you! My blog is not going to be about Fashion only, anymore, because I’m going to be writing mostly about Costumes and the design part. That really isn’t that different from Fashion, the main difference is that it’s about clothes that are magical and clothes that are worn by non-existent persons (or creatures ;)).

2018 Plans

So, now about my 2018 Goals. I’ve set some goals for my Blog, Youtube channel and other Social media channels. And here they are:


First, my blog, which has a special place in my heart. I’m going to pick this up – for real now – and I’ll be posting twice a week from now on. Every Wednesday and Saturday. Those days are set, which doesn’t mean that they are the only days on which I’ll be posting. But at least, these are the days I promise I’ll post.

2018 Plans


Then, for my Youtube channel. There will be a week vlog, with reading, costumes, design and everything that matters – every week on Monday. And then another video every other Thursday, which will also be centered around Designing, Costumes and Books!

2018 Plans

Social Media

I will also be turning my attention to My social media channels like, Instagram (@TalesandGowns), Twitter (@TalesandGowns) and Facebook (A little bit of Britt). There will be some activity EVERY DAY on all of those channels, except for Sunday. At least, for now. You can expect Behind the scenes photos and updates on projects and my life.

2018 Plans


Last Monday,  I posted my very first Vlog of 2018. Here it is! Let me know what you think 🙂



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