Outfit & The Fashion tag

Hiiii guys. Here’s an outfit and I’m going to answer ‘The Fashion Tag’. Ciao

1 .How would you describe your style?

Black. Whatever I feel like. Mosty comfy tho.

2. What are your wardrobe staples?

Everything black and comfy. I live for that.

3. Most expensive item in your wardrobe?
Uhm. I once bought a expensive bag, in the time I still cared about that.

4. Most wanted item?

5. Favourite designer?

Alexander Wang.

6. How much do you spend on clothes?

Lately, nothing. (Lol this tag is not for me.)

7. What are your favourite places to shop?

Online, I think. Or the Zara.

8. Favourite Fragrance?

I don’t really wear fragrance. But I really love Dior’s poison something. In the red bottle. Yeah.

9. What’s your favourite way to wear your hair?

In a messy topknot, I think.

10. Go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
All black.

11. One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay?

I don’t really care about that. I just wear what I want to wear.

12. Show us your most prized possession in your wardrobe

No, but here you have an outfit


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    Leuke tag en mooie foto’s!

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