Meraki candles: January box (Bookish candles)

Hello everyone!

A while ago I received my first ever bookish candles box. It’s from Meraki Candles and here is their website, and here is their webshop! I personally love scented candles and of course – as you might know – I absolutely love books! And, it so happens to be that there are a lot of stores on Etsy where they sell Bookish candles! I already have a few in my humble collection, but I specifically wanted to share this monthly, surprise kind of bookish candle box! So, let’s have a look!

Meraki Candles January Box

So what does it contain?

  1. Aurora candle (Harry Potter inspired)
  2. Peace Keepers candle (I’m not sure, but I think Hunger games inspired! Let me know if you know!)
  3. Discount codes for Meraki and The Tea Leaf company.
  4. Book marks
  5. Scarlet guard candle (Red queen inspired)
  6. Drüskelle candle (Six of crows inspired)
  7. Tea filters (for the tea that comes with it, dahh.)
  8. Tea (Black minth scented)

The candles smell so nice! I swear, it doesn’t matter which candle you choose on the Etsy webshop of Meraki Candles. They all smell amazing!

9. A Tea coaster (Six of crows inspired ‘No Mourners, No Funerals’)

10. A little pocket mirror (Sherlock inspired)

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