The day I decided to quit social media


Because I simply spend to much time on it. I got so stressed when I hadn’t posted a photo on intsgram for a while because ‘it isn’t good for my blog’. But after a while I realized that that is not important at all, so I just decided to take a break from Instagram and Twitter. Those two social media platforms asked to much of me that I was not able to give. I didn’t enjoy them anymore. Let me tell you what it did with me!


I felt happier the moment I put my social media accounts offline. It felt like an elephant dropped of my shoulders (it’s kind of a saying in dutch, don’t know. Don’t ask). BUT, I started to worry about if my blog could handle the lack of social media. Of course, Britt, and btw, if you like your blog, it’s all right.

I realized that I created my social media accounts for my readers – not myself. And I wondered why, because blogging should be my passion. I should not feel obligated to post on another platform, when I don’t really want that. So, I quit. And it felt amazing.


I immediately felt more creative. That is – I think – because of the fact that all of my attention only goes to one platform to focus on. The wall I stood in front of, literally broke down. I feel creative again, because I don’t really have to think about anything but my blog. I love that. I also figured that the times I felt most happy and less stressful with my blog, were the times I didn’t really did anything with my social media.


So we’ll see what comes of my social media, whether I’ll pick it up or not. You’ll see. Right now, the break feels like a vacation I needed for a very long time.



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