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Bell-sleeve top

The Bells-sleeve trend

Hello hello world. So, you want to have a little look at how to style the Bell-sleeve trend? I’m here to show you how I styled it in a chic, BUT casual way. I know the sleeves look very incovenient, but I promise you, they aren’t as hard as they look. So, let’s get into my thoughts about how this outfit came to be.


I saw this Bell-sleeve top at Zara, for only 5 euros. FIVE. So, then I tried it on and felt in love immediately. I loved it because It was so feminine and very sophisticated. I bought it, of course. However, I don’t really know if it’s still available, but you should defenitely take a look for that money. This trend is just awesome, because it’s a normal t-shirt with a crazy twist. I really love that kind of stuff.

Some options for you to try out!

I selected a few bell-sleeve tops for you, if you wanted to take a look at some. There is a huge range of them, so defenitely check out this trend. I think – of these tops – I love the first, the third and the fourth the most. But of course, everyone has their own personal style. I hope you got some use out of these choices! And let me know what your favourite is :).

LINK 1 – LINK 2 – LINK 3 – LINK 4 – LINK 5

Paring it

I really love the way it looks when I’m wearing it. Because, it doesn’t look like that when you see it somewhere in a store. I knew the minute I bought this Bell-sleeve top, that I wanted to pair it with my black robe choker. It made me feel like a Parisian and it feels GREAT. Then of course black pants and my beloved black chelsea boots. At last I popped up black sunglasses, because sunnies just finish the look.

Bell-sleeve top


Top – Zara

Pants – Zara

Shoes – Zara

Choker – Zaful

Sunnies – Zaful

Haha. This outfit is sooo diverse (lol).

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