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March 2017

  • Re-reading favourite books & Matching candles

    Hello everyone! Today I wanted to write a little post about rereading your favourite books (if you’re a reader, you’ll understand me) and buying matching (scented) candles – because you’re ‘oh, so, obsessed’. Well here is my little ode to the beautiful thing that’s called ‘obsession’.…

  • Europe interrail inspiration

    Interrail | Europe train itinerary summer ’17

    Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a travel itinerary with you guys, which you can use while backpacking through Europe (especially by train). I’m going to do an interrailing trip with my boyfriend and this is the itinerary we planned out for this summer. It can…

  • Meraki Candles

    Meraki candles: January box (Bookish candles)

    Hello everyone! A while ago I received my first ever bookish candles box. It’s from Meraki Candles and here is their website, and here is their webshop! I personally love scented candles and of course – as you might know – I absolutely love books!…