Personal | Mijn depressie en dingen die mij daarbij helpen

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Mijn depressie

Ik schrijf dit even in het Nederlands, omdat ik denk dat ik mezelf zo het beste kan verwoorden.

Ik heb een depressie en daar zit ik al best wel een hele tijd in. Depressie is een heel breed woord, vooral omdat iedereens depressie anders is. Daarnaast schamen veel mensen zich met een depressie er op een bepaalde manier voor en vinden het moeilijk om ervoor uit te komen. ‘Dadelijk vinden ze me zielig.’ ‘Ik wil ze niet met die problemen opzadelen.’ ‘Dadelijk gaan ze de hele tijd vragen of het wel gaat.’ Dat zijn dingen die ik ook wel eens heb gedacht, het is namelijk veel makkelijker om iedereen gewoon zijn eigen leven te laten leiden, zodat jij dat ook kan.

Maar is dat wel zo? Ik heb me nooit geschaamd voor mijn depressie en dat zal ik ook nooit doen, maar het is nou ook weer niet zo dat ik het heel makkelijk tegen iedereen vertel. Waarom niet? Waarom is het zo lastig om erover te praten met anderen? Ik denk persoonlijk voor mij, omdat ik niet wil dat mensen weten dat het niet goed met me gaat. Dat maakt mij zwak – kwetsbaar. Ik wil bijvoorbeeld niet huilen in het openbaar, omdat dit vragen op roept bij mensen en omdat ik mijzelf dan weer zwak op stel. Maar het is niet zwak. Het is echt en het hoort erbij. { More }

Scotland Itinerary – 1 week (for my upcoming trip)

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Scotland Itinerary – 1 week

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my Scotland itinerary for 1 week with you. I’m going to Scotland this April/May with my father and I love Scotland so, so much! Traveling in general, actually.

And so, I also really love to make, plan and design travel itineraries. I thought it was perhaps time to share them with you! Starting with this one from Scotland. Underneath this interactive, travel map, there’s also a day to day schedule that belongs with it.

I hope I could be of some help or inspiration for you! Ask me any question you want to, and of course I will answer them! { More }

The day I decided to quit social media

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Because I simply spend to much time on it. I got so stressed when I hadn’t posted a photo on intsgram for a while because ‘it isn’t good for my blog’. But after a while I realized that that is not important at all, so I just decided to take a break from Instagram and Twitter. Those two social media platforms asked to much of me that I was not able to give. I didn’t enjoy them anymore. Let me tell you what it did with me! { More }

The day I decided my blog needs to change

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Blog change

The 8th of February, 2017

I’ve been lost in my blog for a couple of months now. Not knowing what to do next or which direction to get into. I was so focussed to making it look as professional as possible, that I lost track of what I really love to do; telling stories. Sharing parts of my life with you!

I really need to make a big difference in my blog and start treating it more like a friend. Like a diary for all my running thoughts about everything I love. The big difference is, that if I’m doing that, I will be more focussed on what I love and not focussing on what others love.

I blog for myself and I need to do whatever I want. Stop stressing so much about something I love so much.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I want to blog daily again, because fuck wanting to be a professional blogger. If I need to become one, I will, if not, then not. Period.


What can you expect?

I will be still writing about what this blog is about, of course, and that is: Travelling, Fashion and Books(a little bit). But mostly I want my personal twist back, so the topics are going to be intertwined between al my personal stories. That’s what I love most; telling them. It makes me want to get the most out of my life and right now it feels like I’m lost. In many ways. I will also put more effort in my photos, the way I like it. Because photos are as important to me as my stories/writing.


So that’s it for today. I think I already know what I’m going to talk about tomorrow, so yeah. Have a nice evening!


RECAP: More personal blogs with the topics in them. They will be daily posts. And they will contain high-quality pictures. I will try this out for a time, maybe also forever. Who knows.


Lots of love,



Outfit | How to Style the Bell-sleeve trend

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Bell-sleeve top

The Bells-sleeve trend

Hello hello world. So, you want to have a little look at how to style the Bell-sleeve trend? I’m here to show you how I styled it in a chic, BUT casual way. I know the sleeves look very incovenient, but I promise you, they aren’t as hard as they look. So, let’s get into my thoughts about how this outfit came to be. { More }

CaseApp cases + Discount code (20%)

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Hello everyone! A couple of days ago, I received these very pretty cases. I really wanted black marble cases for a very long time and now I’ve got them! I got my own costum Iphone and Ipad case. They’re very aesthetically pleasing and I love them.

However, I have a 20% discount code for you guys, that is valid until the 20th of February: BRITTXMAS20 (Haha, late, I know. Just see it as my xmas present to you guys). { More }

Outfit in the snow on a casual saturday

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Casual outfit in the snow

Outfit in the Snow

Oh, how I love snow. Many people hate it, but I wished it would snow every winter. However, that’s not the case, it snows here now! I wanted to shoot this outfit, but when I saw how bad the weather was, I canceled my plans. But then, it went from rain to snow and I hesitated again. How pretty would the photos turn out? But how dirty would everything get. However, I really wanted an outfit in the snow :).

Taking that all into consideration, I went outside and made pictures. Just because you can’t easily make pictures like this here in the Netherlands.

I’m so glad I did! I love the result.

Happy monday! x { More }