Buying fabrics @ Harrie Bosch in Eindhoven

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Fashion Fabrics

Now that I’m studying Fashion Design, I really wanted to visit Harrie Bosch in Eindhoven. I heard about his fabric shop at school and got really excited. If you’re ever in the area of Eindhoven and want good quality (and amazing-looking) fabrics, you should really go to his store. The people who work there are super nice and very helpful. Here is the link to the site: Link.

I also bought two fabrics for a skirt I’m going to make at school. They’re the ones in the plastic bag at the end of this post. I will definitely keep you updated about the skirt! | MORE |

The impact of Culloden

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The last time I posted was A while ago, and now I’m back with these amazing photos of an very impressing day. My dad and I went to Culloden when we were in Scotland, and if you’ve seen Outlander season 2 or if you just know a lot about the scottish history, you know what I’m talking about. The battle of Culloden is a crucial part in the history of Scotland, so that makes it all the more interesting to learn about. I respect the place and the country so much – one just has to learn all the sides of one story. | MORE |

New glasses from GlassesShop.com !

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Hello Everyone!

Long time no see :). Today I’m going to show you these new eyeglasses (they are not prescription glasses, although I do have those. I just really like these to make photos with, so it wasn’t really necessary for me – ALTOUGH you can order prescription with the glasses of your choice) I got from ‘The GlassesShop.com‘, here you can buy many beautiful glasses online! You should really check it out… Well, after watching the photos I took of mine! 🙂

PLUS: A 50% off code for your shopping spree = GSHOT50 ! | MORE |