Re-reading favourite books & Matching candles

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Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to write a little post about rereading your favourite books (if you’re a reader, you’ll understand me) and buying matching (scented) candles – because you’re ‘oh, so, obsessed’. Well here is my little ode to the beautiful thing that’s called ‘obsession’. { More }

Interrail | Europe train itinerary summer ’17

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Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a travel itinerary with you guys, which you can use while backpacking through Europe (especially by train).

I’m going to do an interrailing trip with my boyfriend and this is the itinerary we planned out for this summer. It can easily change, but this is our plan so far. And yet again, I thought I would share it, so you may also get some use out of it. I won’t set any days at any city, so you can add them for yourselves!  { More }

Meraki candles: January box (Bookish candles)

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Hello everyone!

A while ago I received my first ever bookish candles box. It’s from Meraki Candles and here is their website, and here is their webshop! I personally love scented candles and of course – as you might know – I absolutely love books! And, it so happens to be that there are a lot of stores on Etsy where they sell Bookish candles! I already have a few in my humble collection, but I specifically wanted to share this monthly, surprise kind of bookish candle box! So, let’s have a look! { More }

Scotland Itinerary – 1 week (for my upcoming trip)

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Scotland Itinerary – 1 week

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my Scotland itinerary for 1 week with you. I’m going to Scotland this April/May with my father and I love Scotland so, so much! Traveling in general, actually.

And so, I also really love to make, plan and design travel itineraries. I thought it was perhaps time to share them with you! Starting with this one from Scotland. Underneath this interactive, travel map, there’s also a day to day schedule that belongs with it.

I hope I could be of some help or inspiration for you! Ask me any question you want to, and of course I will answer them! { More }