Outfit in the snow on a casual saturday

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Casual outfit in the snow

Outfit in the Snow

Oh, how I love snow. Many people hate it, but I wished it would snow every winter. However, that’s not the case, it snows here now! I wanted to shoot this outfit, but when I saw how bad the weather was, I canceled my plans. But then, it went from rain to snow and I hesitated again. How pretty would the photos turn out? But how dirty would everything get. However, I really wanted an outfit in the snow :).

Taking that all into consideration, I went outside and made pictures. Just because you can’t easily make pictures like this here in the Netherlands.

I’m so glad I did! I love the result.

Happy monday! x More β†’

Ice Lake & Ice CaveΒ 

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Ice Lake and Ice Cave

I think this is my favourite post from Iceland. The places I show in this post are really as magical as they seem. I almost don’t believe that I’ve been there, when I watch the photos. There’s only one post left to go on the blog and then I’ll return to the regular posts!

Enjoy your evening! More β†’

A Beautiful view @Iceland

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A Beautiful View

I think that says enough. I hope you enjoy the photos! I love that I’m being into blogging again. When I get back from this trip I will defenitely be making a lot of cool outfit photos and I’ll be writing more in my posts. But for now, here are the photos. More β†’

First day in Iceland | Part 2

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Hii everyone!

Here’s part two of my first day in Iceland. These are the pictures of the Geysers in the Golden Circle. Loved it so far!

And Btw, as you can see in one of the photos, I’m vlogging the trip! AND I’m planning on vlogging this whole year, weekly. But we’ll see.

Have a nice day! x More β†’